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Clinical PhotoPro History


Clint Singh has brought his wealth of information in photography to the aesthetic market with Clinical PhotoPro, which creates photography products to solve problems in the aesthetic industry. Before he got involved in the aesthetics market, his specialty as a professional photographer was photography training. Clint also ran Off the Grid Adventure Photography Workshops in the arctic. During one of the workshops, a client who is a dentist, consulted Clint about inaccurate colour results with his intraoral photography. He realized the aesthetic market experienced the same problem.


Since Clinical PhotoPro has started, Clint has regularly contributed to clincal photography articles in aesthetics, and delivered CPD accredited content on achieving bulletproof before and afters for Aesthetic Medicine. 


“After working with leading UK clinics, we found there is lack of standardisation in the industry with photography, not only does this limit you showcasing your work, but more worryingly, this inaccurate client documentation can be damaging to your reputation” Clint Singh


In 2020, Clinical PhotoPro launched the Clinical PhotoPro System that let clinics achieve studio quality images using their mobile phones and tablets with an easy to follow workflow for standardised results.


The solution removes the need for staff training in photography, doesn’t require a dedicated room, and no additional apps or software is needed. Use your mobile phone and tablets and your existing patient management apps that your team are already familiar with for a simple point and shoot solution for accurate and reliable patient image documentation.


Clinical PhotoPro products are manufactured in the UK, with local support for clinics

In 2022, Clinical PhotoPro launched aesthetic industry’s first CPD accredited training on how to standardise clinical photography for aesthetics using mobile phones and tablets.


Publications and contributions:

May 2021: Aesthetic Medicine - Crystal Clear, photographing darker skin tones

February 2019: Aesthetic Medicine - How to Get Good Before & Afters in Aesthetics

September 2019: Aesthetic Medicine - Image Conscious

October 2020: Aesthetic Journal - Utilising Smartphones for Photography


Workshops and Webinars:

June 2021: Comma - Optimising your clinical photography in Aesthetics

March 2020: Aesthetic Medicine Live Olympia 2020 -  CPD accredited business workshop: Bulletproof before and afters

May 2020: Aesthetic Medicine Virtual Event -  CPD accredited business workshop: Bulletproof before and afters

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