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Finally a solution for accurate before and afters using your mobile devices

Clinical PhotoPro LED light stands

Developed for use with your own mobile devices

  • Creates a stable lighting environment for taking images with your mobile phone or tablet

  • LED light units override your smart device’s auto-settings to ensure accurate images for client documentation

  • No photography training needed

  • Use your current patient management software and apps, no additional software training needed

  • No dedicated room needed

  • No subscriptions

  • Future proof your clinic, no need to upgrade the lighting units when you upgrade your smartphone/tablet

Just point and shoot for perfectly exposed, high-quality images.



  • Clinical PhotoPro LED light stands with positioning markers and laser positioning guide

  • 2 additional video call training sessions if needed and 3 months e-mail/phone support


For clinics that want the convenience of using their mobile phones and tablets and want to use their existing patient management apps, Clinical PhotoPro’s mobile-friendly LED light units create optimum lighting conditions for consistent image quality.

Price: £2495

The product is currently only available in the UK


The sample image below, taken on an iPhone and Clinical PhotoPro's LED light stands



Make inconsistent before and after images a thing of the past

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How it works

Smartphones take amazing photos outside, but struggle to produce this quality indoors. Lighting conditions outdoor allow smartphones to work within a range of settings to let the imaging sensors produce the best possible images. Lighting conditions indoors are significantly reduced and the cameras are forced to work outside their range of ideal settings to produce images that are blurry, depict incorrect skin tones and generally of poor quality. And definitely not a true representation of a clinic’s work.


Clinical PhotoPro’s LED light units create an incredibly stable lighting environment that replicates lighting conditions outside to force smartphones to use settings to produce the highest quality images they are capable of. Two light units are strategically positioned to produce directional lighting, uniformly lighting the patient to highlight detail and contrast on the skin.


“Finally...I have before and after photos of a professional quality that reflect the same high standards of my clinical work!”

Dr. Dev Patel

Aesthetic Doctor, Perfect Skin Solutions

"I’m so pleased that I invested in clinical photo pro! It’s super easy to use and can be used on my tablet and mobile phone.  I’m not a photographer and getting before and after photos right has been a real bugbear of mine. I needed clarity in photographs so patients could see the true difference treatments were making to their overall appearance without having shadows or lighting issues that made improvements difficult to see.  

Thank you Clint for clinical photo pro and importantly the aftercare you provided to me and my team."

Khatra Paterson

KP Aesthetics

“Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Clint’s setup for clinical photography. I struggled with my clinical photography because I am not a photographer, and I want something quick so can place my patient always in the same position and take good quality before and afters”

Dr. Raquel Amado

Dr. Raquel Skin & Medical Cosmetics

"We took delivery today of our brand new clinical photography system from @clintimages. Accurate photography is a central part of your journey here at Quinn Clinics. It also forms part of your medical record. We are always reinvesting and looking to improve our service for you. Our patients are at the centre of everything that we do"

Dr. John Quinn

Founder & Clinical Director, Quinn Clinics

"I realised that having good before and after photos was crucial from the moment I got into aesthetics. I bought myself a DSLR camera, but never achieved the consistency I wanted. I asked Clinical PhotoPro to have a look at our set up and advise us, and we invested in PhotoPro Studio. Now every photograph has the same lighting and the same background, regardless of time of day or how sunny it is. It means I can really demonstrate the results we have achieved for our patients, and both myself and my patients can trust what they see. Clinical PhotoPro has been a huge support in implementing this in clinic, offering staff training and troubleshooting - we can’t thank them enough"

Dr Sophie Shotter

Founder & Medical Director, Illuminate Skin Clinic

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Workshops and Webinars:

June 2021: Comma - Optimising your clinical photography in Aesthetics

March 2020: Aesthetic Medicine Live Olympia 2020 -  CPD accredited business workshop: Bulletproof before and afters

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