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Finally a solution for accurate before and afters using your mobile devices
Before and Afters with Clinical PhotoPro


If you want accurate client documentation for your before and afters, but don’t have time to learn the skills of photography, don’t have a dedicated room for a studio, or perhaps need to see clients in different rooms, Clinical PhotoPro has the answers. We offer 2 unique photography systems that have been specially developed to meet the needs of aesthetic doctors and practitioners and their teams:


Clinical PhotoPro LED light stands (mobile phone friendly)

Developed for use with your own mobile devices 

•    Creates a stable lighting environment for taking images with your mobile phone or tablet

•    Includes bespoke LED light stands, positioning mat with markers

•    LED light units override your smart device’s auto-settings to ensure accurate images for client documentation

•    Use your current patient management apps -  no additional software needed

•    No dedicated room needed

•    2 video call training sessions and 3 months e-mail/phone support



For clinics that want the convenience of using their mobile phones and tablets and want to use their existing patient management apps, Clinical PhotoPro’s mobile-friendly LED light units create optimum lighting conditions for consistent image quality.

Price: £2035


Clinical PhotoPro DSLR LED  

For the most accurate and consistent image quality

•    DSLR camera and LED lighting

•    2 x portable floor standing LED light units, positioning mat with markers

•    Consistent lighting 

•    No dedicated room needed 

•    The equipment is preconfigured to be used out of the box.

•    Produces high resolution images for detailed patient analysis

•    4 video call training sessions and 3 months e-mail/phone support


Combining the benefits of DSLR camera quality with consistent LED lighting to deliver optimum image quality for your before and afters.

Price: £4175


For more information or to place an order please call: 01732 387 535 or use the contact form below

The sample image below, taken on an iPhone and Clinical PhotoPro's LED light stands


Make inconsistent before and after images a thing of the past

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